Driving from Huế to Hoi An, unforgettable experience

Tu Duc Tomb, Vietnam. WeTravel in Love
Huế to Hoi An are 120km apart and you can definitely decide to drive, or, like us, you can hire a car with a driver. This was the plan: trying to stop at the Hue’s abandoned water park and in 2 hours maximum we thought to be in Hoi An; but sometimes plans change, and we couldn’t be more happy. Sanh, from Hura Cars, arrived at our hotel perfectly on time to pick us up, direction Hoi An. We asked him to stop at the abandoned water park first, but he was very keen to show us other beautiful places, so we decided to trust him and make this trip a little bit longer.
  1. Our first stop was in front of a little incense workshop, Stefania ended up making some nice incense sticks 🙂
  2. Tu Duc Tomb, entrance fee 100.000 VND (£3.40), beautiful place, if you have time it worth a visit.
  3. Hue’s abandoned water park, but sadly the park was closed that day because of the independent day in Vietnam. No admission allowed.
  4. Thien An Monastery, few minutes driving from the park. The main feature is that this church is in reality made by two churches one at the basement and the other at the first floor. Everyone there was very welcoming and the kids there were so happy to meet us, that our heart was melted.
  5. Finally Sanh drove for a while before stopping again and during the trip we saw from the car Lady Buddha and lots of rice fields.
    Lady Buddha, Vietnam WeTravelinLove
    Lady Buddha, Vietnam WeTravelinLove
  6. Lagoon called Đầm Cầu Hai, was a toilet pit stop, but we couldn’t resist and started taking some photos, included some wedding ones. This place was so quiet and peaceful, no words can describe it. Thanks Sanh for bringing us here, we loved it.
  7. Hải Vân Pass a lovely vista was waiting for us. You’ve got two options, the tunnel or the pass. We chose the Pass, but if you’re in a hurry go for the tunnel. We passed in front of the tunnel entrance, where the scooters must stop and have to be loaded to a train (is forbidden to ride a motorcycle in the tunnel due to its length as the oxygen is limited. Cars can go through).
  8. Some old bunkers with battle scars still stand on top on the pass, this was a very strategic point during the Vietnam War.
  9. Danang, we decided to just pass thought it and don’t spend too much time there as it’s a very westernised city, and in our opinion, nothing too special to see. We thought to come back for a day trip from Hoi An, but we didn’t.
  10. Hoi An Ancient town, another UNESCO World Heritage site, famous for its lanterns, is one of the most pittoresque town that we had the pleasure to visit.
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