Best pizza places in London

Zia Lucia, best pizza in London

***** UPDATE September 2019 *****

Very often many of our Italian friends ask us if it is possible to eat good food in London and our answer is always YES. Sometimes is even better than in Italy.

We love eating, but first of all, we love eating well. Good quality makes always the difference and we know it very well.

We eat pizza regularly, once a week. Homemade or at the restaurant, but we do need pizza! 🙂

First of all, how to judge a good pizza?

  1. easy to digest, you don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night thirsty and with a bloated belly
  2. quality of ingredients
  3. balanced quantity of ingredients
  4. it must keep its softness and crunchiness until you finish it, if changes and becomes chewy that’s not a good dough.

If all of these boxes are ticked, then we have our dream pizza.

Here are our favourites:

Sacro Cuore

We tried this place recently and it’s now on our top 5! The menu has a good number of pizza options and the dough is light and easy to digest. They take bookings and there is a little selection of craft beers available.

Our favourites: Campagnola and Margherita parmigiana

Location: Crouch End

Oi Vita

Great quality, a wide variety of toppings and 2 different dough and three vegan options are available!

Our favourites: Panuozzo parmigiana and Siciliana. Vegan options available.

Location: Canonbury

Zia Lucia Best pizza in London
Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia

Zia Lucia is certainly our favourite pizzeria, it’s our local one and we love it. They offer pizza and large salads mostly, and every week they’ve got a special on the board.

You can choose your dough from 4 different types, and we can assure that even the basic one (traditional) is absolutely delicious and very easy to digest. To complete the offer, a good small selection of Italian wines, a very good Spritz or a selection of well-known Italian beers like Ichnusa and Menabrea or a small selection of craft beers from the local brewery Hammerton. Try their homemade Tiramisú or pizza with custard cream for a perfect end.

Our favourites: Speck-tacular, Margherita with buffalo mozzarella. Vegan option is available.

Multiple locations: Islington, Hammersmith, Wembley, Aldgate East.

Santa Maria

Santa Maria makes traditional Neapolitan pizza. Genuine ingredients and perfect dough. Here you can drink Santa Maria beer,  brewed exclusively for Santa Maria Pizzeria by Bianca Road brewery Co.

Our favourites: San Daniele and San Giuseppe. Vegan options available.

Multiple locations: Ealing, Fiztrovia, Chelsea

Bravi Ragazzi

Very small place with an excellent pizza. A generous quantity of toppings, great taste.

Our favourites: Nerano and Mammamia. Vegan options available.

Location: Streatham


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Our recipe for happiness. We already know that you adore it, but show it here too 😉

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Radio Alice

Pizza slices are individually topped with organic ingredients from trusted, responsible producers. Italian and international craft beers make the experience perfect.

Our favourites: Prosciutto di Parma and Speck. Vegan options available.

Multiple locations: Hoxton and Clapham

Stockewell Continental London
Stockewell Continental

Stockwell Continental

Not just pizza. Delicious starters, pasta and meat and even Sunday roast.

We discovered this place thanks to a couple of friends who live in south London and invited us to try this place. Pizza is very good, with less traditional toppings combinations.

The menu is updated daily, even for pizza. Good selection of craft beers, wine and Italian style cocktails.

We tried Margherita and Margherita with cime di rapa.

Location: Stockwell

Santorè and Sartori

Basically, these two restaurants are the same, same menu and quality. Pizza, pasta, meat, fish and dessert.

You’ll not resist ordering their specialities: pizza al metro and panuozzi.

You can order pizza al metro from 1/2 to 1 meter with up to 4 different toppings.

Panuozzo is traditionally from Naples area, and is made of a pizza dough baked in wood-fired oven first and then filled with a variety of ingredients and served on a traditional wooden tray.

Our favourites: Panuozzo Primavera and Casareccio.

Location: Santorè Exmouth Market / Sartori  Leicester Square


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Middle Eastern Lamb. The answer to all your Friday dreams. #spicyslice

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Crate Brewery

We love to seat outside when the sun is shining next to the river Lea, sipping a fresh pint and eating a decent stone-baked pizza. It’s not the best pizza, but the atmosphere, location and beers make the overall experience great. We definitely recommend visiting this place if you are in the area. Also, they offer brewery tasting tours if you’re interested in doing it. They don’t offer vegan options but they’ve got a gluten-free base.

Our Favourites: Margherita and Prosciutto and rocket.

Location: Hackney Wick


UK’s first vegan pizzeria. Even though we’re not vegan, we like to experience different tastes. We tried this place a couple of times and for us was the first time eating a vegan pizza. Good taste and service, good selection of craft beers as well. They offer three types of base, sourdough base, HEMP flour base or GLUTEN FREE base.  #plantpioneers

Our favourites: Margherita and Pesto Manifesto

Multiple locations: Brighton and Camden



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